The Benedictine spirituality of community is based on life with other persons in the spirit of Christ: to support them, to empower them, and to learn from them.

Benedict's spirituality of community is based first of all on bondedness in Christ. Neither communities nor families exist for themselves alone. They exist to witness to Christ and in Christ. They exist to be miracle workers to one another.

A Benedictine spirituality of community has a reverence for uniqueness as well as bondedness. In Benedictine spirituality, community is a very human thing. It is not perfection that is expected but growth.

Love of God and fun and companionship - this is the function and blessing of community. Alone, we are what we are, but in community we have the chance of becoming everything we can be.

(Excerpts from Wisdom Distilled From the Daily by Sister Joan Chittister, OSB)