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Pray for peace in Korea and for nuclear disarmament

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Benedictines for Peace will hold a Holy Hour for Peace in Korea and for nuclear disarmament on Thursday, September 14, 2017, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at Mount St. Benedict Monastery chapel, 6101 East Lake Road.

As leaders of the US and North Korea threaten nuclear war, we gather as seekers of peace to pray for the de-escalation of tensions between our countries and the complete disarming of these weapons of mass destruction.

We pray with the people of Korea and particularly with our Benedictine sisters from around the world who are gathered in South Korea September 5-19 for the annual conference of the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum (CIB), an international association of leaders of Benedictine women’s communities.

Sister Anne Wambach, prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, is a delegate to the conference and Sister Mary Jane Vergotz, who serves as secretary of the CIB, is also in attendance.

We vigil and pray with all who seek peace around the world, for de-escalation and for respectful dialogue leading to lasting peace and justice.

Join us for an hour of quiet prayer, reflective readings and song. We will be posting the prayer here; if you can't join us at the monastery, please pray with us from where ever you are.

Download flier here.

NEW INITIATIVE: Silent Peace Walk

Benedictines for Peace Silent Peace Walk

In response to the escalating tensions and divisiveness present in our country and our world, Benedictines for Peace announces a new monthly initiative, a Silent Peace Walks.

Silent Peace Walks will be held monthly at different locations. You can sign up to receive email alerts announcing the date and location using the form on the top right of this page. The first Silent Peace Walk will be held Wednesday, August 30, 2017, from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm, beginning and ending at 345 East 9th Street—playground area.

“The silent peace walk is primarily a way to promote inner peace because that is the foundation for constructive action for justice and peace,” explained Sister Ann Muczynski, a member of Benedictines for Peace and an organizer for the walk.

“Benedictines for Peace will begin this initiative on August 30, 2017, with a Peace Walk in its own neighborhood as a reminder that peace and justice does ‘begin with me,’” said Sister Anne McCarthy, coordinator of BFP. “It is another new way of making visible the Corporate Commitment of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie ‘to be a healing presence and prophetic witness for peace by working for sustainability and justice, especially for women and children.’”

Piero Falci began the Silent Peace Walks in 2006 in Coral Springs, FL and they have spread around the globe.

The second Silent Peace Walk will take place on the International Day of Peace, Thursday, September 21, 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm beginning at the East Avenue Boat Launch; foot of East Avenue.

Download a PDF presentation that introduces and explains the Silent Peace Walk.

Take Back the Site Vigils

Take Back the Site Vigil

Take Back the Site vigils, 15 minutes in length, are held at the site of any death in the city of Erie that resulted from an act of violence. We hold the vigils with the purpose of reclaiming the site for nonviolence with our prayerful presence. During the vigil we also pray for the loved ones of the person who was murdered and for the loved ones of the person who committed the murder. Family, friends, neighbors and those committed to being a presence for peace and non-violence take part in the vigils. The first vigil was held in November 1999 and more than 100 have been held since.

TBTS is sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and Oblates, Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates, Sisters of Mercy and Associates.

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Annual Good Friday Peace Pilgrimage

Good Friday Peace Pilgrimage

Christ is crucified today whenever and wherever hatred, violence and injustice prevail. Each year the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Benedictines for Peace members and others walk a contemporary Way of the Cross through downtown Erie; We stop along the way for contemporary stations at sites that symbolize the oppression being felt by people today.

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