Chapter 1 - The Kinds of Monastics - Part 4

There are clearly four kinds of monastics.– RB 1:1

The fourth and final kind of monastic Benedict mentions in the Rule is the gyrovague. Gyrovague is a compound noun meaning circling and wandering.

Gyrovagues are described quite harshly by Benedict: “Always on the move, they never settle down, and are slaves to their own wills and gross appetites. In every way they are worse than sarabaites” (RB 1:11). Benedict is quite direct that this way is not the way he promotes and abruptly ends the chapter reminding us that “it is better to keep silence than to speak of all these and their disgraceful way of life” (RB 1:12). He reminds us that our goal is to “pass them by, and with the help of God, proceed to draw up a plan for the strong kind, the cenobites” (RB 1:13) .