CHAPTER 2 – The Love Of Christ

Ordinarily, everyone is to keep their regular place, because "whether slave or free, we are all on in Christ" (Gal. 3:28; Eph. 6:8) and share equally in the service of the one God for "God show not partiality among persons" (Rom. 2:11). Rule of Benedict 2:19-20

Benedict's Rule was designed for ordinary people. In Chapter Two Benedict tells us that the leader is to model inclusiveness – recognizing the giftedness of each person. The leader is seen as a true Christ-agent who is to constantly promote the Christ-life for those who have come to follow Benedict’s way.

As God-seekers we strive to move beyond the expectations of society. We work at being less self-centered and less competitive. We are to address one another with respect and tenderness. Labels that we use for ourselves and others are to end. We are to see each person and each object as a unique creation of God, a sacred vessel.

Recognizing the value and giftedness of each and every individual is fundamental to Benedict’s way of life. The leader is to model this for the community by recognizing the giftedness of each person and calling each person to grow in the love of Christ. Love of Christ is the center-piece of Benedict’s Way of Life.