CHAPTER 28 - Those Who Refuse to Amend After Frequent Reproofs

After applying compresses, the ointment of encouragement, the medicine of divine Scripture, and finally the cauterizing iron of excommunication and strokes of the rod, if the prioress/abbot then perceives that her/his earnest efforts are unavailing, let her/him apply an even better remedy: she/he and all the members should pray for the one who has not yet amended, so that God, who can do all things, may bring about the health of the sick one. RB 28:3-5

Like Chapter 27, Benedict is addressing the leader. Every means to convert and heal a wayward member must be tried. Trust in God’s love, belief in prayer, individual and communal, is a means better than all others. These traits come from a spirit of faith that Benedict speaks about all through the Rule. In this chapter, he helps us to see that the ‘prayer of all’ is a strong source of strength for the unrepentant relapsed member.