Chapter 4 - Tools for Good Works

Never give a hollow greeting of peace ... RB 4:25

The Gospel of Matthew (5:23-24) reminds us: “If you are offering your gift at the altar and you remember that your sister or brother has something against you, leave your gift there, and first be reconciled to your sister or brother and then come back and offer your gift."

Often interpersonal conflicts come from the inability of one or the other or both people to accept the reality of the other person as different but not necessarily a threat. Easier said than done – for sure!

So what to do?
I have to stop blaming and focus on myself and the things that I can do to improve a situation. Maybe I am just too sensitive or just wrapped up in myself.

I need to look into my own peace and see whether my actions or words have been the cause of another’s harm or hurt. Then, with my interior awareness heighten, hopefully I can reduce the inter-personal tension and offer a sincere wish of peace.

Of course it would be great if there were no interpersonal conflicts, no hollow greetings of peace, no exclusions, no hurtful words or actions – something for me to strive for. What about you?