CHAPTER 46 - Faults Committed in Other Matters

If someone commits a fault while at any work - working in the kitchen, in the storeroom, in serving, in the bakery, in the garden, in any craft or anywhere else - either by breaking or losing something of failing in any way in any other place, s/he must at once come before the prioress/abbot and community and of her/his own accord admit her/his fault and make satisfaction. (RB 46:1-3)

Benedict. in this last chapter of the penal code, lists possible places where faults could be committed. He paints a picture of ordinary Christians making mistakes in every aspect of their lives. It is very important to Benedict that those seeking God are able to admit that they have faults, make mistakes, break things, are unaware of the many many gifts that are present in the every-dayness of life. Benedict is looking for awareness. He is calling for mindfulness.

What we do; what we say; how we use things; how we treat one another speak volumes about who we are and where our journey is taking us.

Everything on earth is full of sacred presence!