Called holy???

Do not aspire to be called holy before you really are, but first be holy that you may more truly be called so. (RB 4:62)

Humility is the inner heart of monastic living. Benedict does not wish us to be blind to our good qualities, but he insists that the good qualities are not of our own doing but gifts/graces given by God. Claiming credit for a successful outcome can become a barrier between us and God. It is far too easy to convert the gifts/graces that God has given us into fuel for our self-esteem.

It is Benedict's hope that when we strive to live a life of humility we will realize that any holiness others may perceive in us does not belong to us. It is the effect of the indwelling gifts/graces given by God so that we might be a source of comfort and strength for others.

All we say -
All we do -
All we are -
May God be glorified!