CHAPTER 47 - Announcing the Hours for the Opus Dei

No one should presume to read or sing unless s/he is able to benefit the hearers; let this be done with humility, seriousness and reverence, and at the prioress'/abbot's bidding. RB 47:3-4

Humility, seriousness and reverence are tools used by Benedict to teach his followers how to become more aware of the divine presence here and now. These tools are also found in Chapter 68:3 of Benedict's Rule and are often applied to Chapters 19-20 which speak of liturgical prayer. Liturgical prayer, prayer in common, is extremely important to Benedict. Here, in Chapter 47, he is reminding everyone that fostering these tools, humility, seriousness and reverence, will bring forth freedom from anything that might distract us from our primary goal - union with God. Benedict is calling all liturgical ministers: readers, cantors, musicians, leaders, choirs, all assembled, to become transparent, to be less about self and more about making God more present in this world. This transparency, he believes, will spill over into all of life, therefore, drawing all into God. No doubt the work of a lifetime.