CHAPTER 50 - Members Working at a Distance or Traveling

Members who work so far away that they cannot return to the oratory ... those who have been sent on a journey are not to omit the prescribed hours but are to observe them as best they can, not neglecting their measure of service. RB 50

The prescription that the Liturgy of the Hours would be said by monastics who cannot attend the choral recitation is an ancient one, going back to Pachomius, pr. 142: "...on the boat, in the monastery, in the fields, on a journey, in whatever service, the various times for psalmody should not pass by unobserved." Another early source is Basil who writes in reg.107: "If one cannot be present in person in the oratory, the duty of devotion should be carried out in whatever place one finds oneself."

Benedict tells us throughout the Rule that he places great value on communal prayer. He writes in Chapter 43:3 "Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God/Opus Dei" yet he adds in this chapter a splash of his customary gentleness and flexibility by saying "as best they can."