CHAPTER 64 - The Election of a Prioress

Once in office, the prioress must keep constantly in mind the nature of the burden she has received, and remember to whom she will have "to give an account of her stewardship (Lk. 16:2)." Let her recognize that the goal must be profit for the community members, not preeminence for herself. She out, therefore, to be learned in divine law, so that she has a treasury of knowledge from which she can "bring out what is new and what is old (Mt. 13:52)." RB 64:7

This chapter gives us more insight about the prioress to add to what Benedict tells us in Chapter 2 of his Rule. Using lists of positive and negative attributes the sketch becomes clearer as to who the prioress is and what she is to be about. Above all charity seems to be a guide for the prioress.

Benedict believed that charity was more appropriate and effective than the use of power. Love and care for the community is central in the Rule and a life-value for the prioress.

Wouldn't it seem possible to propose that when charity is present in the prioress it flows over into the community and out into the world?