CHAPTER 67 - Members Sent On A Journey

Members sent on a journey will ask the prioress/abbot and community to pray for them. All absent members should always be remembered at the closing prayer of the Opus Dei. (RB 67:1-2)

Praying for others is a point well taken in this chapter. We count on prayers from others and others count on our prayers. Simply knowing that someone is remembering me when I am unable to be at the prayers of our common life - the Liturgy of the Hours - is a support beyond explanation. To pray for those who are absent from the common prayer is a reminder of our connectedness one to another. Benedict's Way was to be seekers of God with others. By including this idea of remembering those who are absent in the Rule, he reminds the community that this life is not about individualism or privatized prayer. This is a life of seeking together, being together and arriving together. "Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may Christ bring us all together to everlasting life." (RB 72:11-12)