February 28

St. Katherine Drexel

Antiphon (mantra) repeat quietly:

Blessed be the works of your hands, O holy ones. Blessed be these hands that have reached out and have been received.

Psalm 35 Part II

O God, how long will you look on?
Come to my rescue!
Save my life from these raging beasts.
I will thank you in the great assembly;
in the sight of all I will praise you.

Do not let my enemies gloat over me.
Do not let those who hate me unjustly
exchange evil glances.

They wish no peace for those who seek it;
they make deceitful plots.
With mouths open wide
their cry against me is,
"Yes! We saw it all!"

O God, you see and know the truth.
Stay near, do not be silent.
Awake, come to my help.

Uphold my cause in your justice.
Do not let them say,
"We have brought our enemy to an end!"

Let those who laugh at my misfortune
be shamed and disgraced.
Let those who profit at my expense
be scattered in confusion.

For those who favor my cause,
let there be joy.
Let them say without end,
"Great is the Holy One
who delights in the peace of the faithful."

Then I will speak of your justice
and always sing your praise.

Pray the Prayer of Jesus (Our Father)

Translation © 1998 Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Inc.