Do you yearn for life?

“Is there anyone here who yearns for life and desires to see good days (Ps 34:13)?” - Prologue 15

The Rule of Benedict is a source of spiritual depth and practical wisdom for daily life here on earth. Living it prepares us for life eternal. Do we really yearn for life? Do we really desire to see good days? Are we really seeking the God who is always seeking us? If our answer is yes then the Rule shows a way to see good days here and now while we long for life eternal.

Benedict gives us a framework on which a life can grow. He offers a way that can help us become more at home with God, others and ourselves. Through his Rule we are given the opportunity to know who we are and to understand the sacredness of all life. We are to live with a certainty that God has sought us out and continues to seek us out.

Benedict teaches that being in relationship with God here on earth will lead us one day to eternal life. We are to seek God in everything and everyone. We are to yearn for life eternal. We are to live desiring to see good days. We are to grow in our awareness of and openness to being sought by God.