Who are the wandering shepherds today?
Who are the wise ones
making their way through the strangers's land
searching the sands
for an unknown King?
We hears the song
and travels long
over the night earth
to witness the sight of a common birth?
It is you, my friend,
you are the simple shepherd,
the humble sage.
You are the one who in this age of unbelief
are called to travel far and long
to share a faith and love strong enough
to become a gift.
Do you think they lifted rings
of incense and myrhh and simply gold
as stories of Kings have always told?
Their gifts were themselves -- as ours must be
hope and joy freely placed
in one so small...
Christ revealed in all the little ways:
-the old one's lonesome smile
betraying empty days,
-the child's excited,
expectant gaze
-the comforting hand in silent sharing
of another soul's torment
-the sister's need to pause awhile
and share a joyful moment.
Our presence to each other is gift enough for him
let us lift our hearts as one
God's Son is here as never before
let us bring to life the Wise One's lore.
Come, my friend, let us adore!

Jacqueline Schroeder, OSF