Everything With Council

Do everything with counsel and you will not be sorry afterward (Sir. 32:24). Rule of Benedict 3:13

Chapter 3 of the Rule is about the need for communication, the need for listening, the need for responding, and the need for sharing truths. The Rule presumes that we will share thoughts and give of our lived wisdom no matter what our age. We are asked to hear and receive the truth of one another with great respect and reverence.

Listening is essential to seeking and giving counsel. Listening helps us to open our hearts, minds, and souls to the Holy Spirit. For Benedict this means listening with total openness. Openness to the working of the Holy Spirit in our selves, in other individuals and in groups is vital. It is life-giving.

God chooses many different ways to reveal God’s self – in a still small voice; in the human form of Jesus Christ; in the other; in nature.

Benedict suggests that we must be open, alert, attentive, listening, responsive – sharing truths, receiving other’s truths. As we grow in this way of life it is Benedict’s hope that God will be at the heart of every decision that we make.