Feast of St Benedict

Earlier monastic experiments had stressed rigorous asceticism and self-denial, Benedict's Rule was designed for ordinary human beings. The elements of disciple was shifted from externals to the interior, from the flesh to the will. In place of an emphasis on fasting and mortification Benedict substituted the disciple of humility, obedience, and accommodation to community life. Rather than envisioning a collection of individuals competing in the quest for perfection, Benedict stressed the role of community as a school for holiness. His emphasis on the balance of work and prayer, his validation of community, and his regulation of monastic life eventually set the pattern for Western monasticism. For centuries his monasteries offered the witness of an alternative society governed by the spirit of Christ. Few saints have left such a palpable impact on their world.

(direct quote from July 11, 2018 - Give Us the Day - Liturgical Press, Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, MN)