Harbor no jealousy, no envy

Harbor no jealousy; do nothing out of envy. RB 4: 66-67

Jealousy and envy are often used as synonyms. Their definitions according to Webster's Dictionary have some similarities but the two words are more accurately marked by differences. Jealousy can be applied to feelings of protectiveness regarding one’s own advantages or attachments. Envy can be applied to feelings of wanting to have what someone else has.

One way to tell that jealousy and envy are running my life is when I do not want to share with others the good things that I have, and I resent the fact that they possess goods or qualities that I desire but do not have. Harboring jealousy or envy will most likely be destructive of community/family/work even if it is found only in a single member of the group. Jealousy and envy alienate me from myself, from my sisters and brothers, my neighbors, the world, and from God.

Benedict says it simply: Just don't let jealousy or envy into your heart.

Again, few words - tall order!