Holy Saturday - Lamentation 4:1, 2; 3:22-27

Lamentation of Jeremiah the prophet

How the gold has grown dim;
how the pure gold is changed!
The holy stones lie scattered at the head of every street.

The precious children of Zion,
worth their weight in fine gold,
are reckoned as earthen pots,
the work of a potter's hands.

The steadfast love of God never ceases,
mercies never come to an end,
they are new every morning;
great is this faithfulness.
"God is my portion,
therefore my hope will not be in vain."

God is good to those who wait;
to those who do not waver.
It is good that we should wait quietly
for the salvation of God.
It is good for us that we bear the yoke in our youth.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
be converted to the Holy One, your God.

The One we await dies
and there is none that takes it to heart.
The Anointed One, our breath of life,
in taken away because of our iniquities.

The Just One’s anguish over,
we shall wait in hope.

We shall wait in hope.