Please remember in prayer...

Judith Collins - Erie, PA
Our mother Judy is suffering from lung cancer, diabetes (with amputated toes) and congestive heart failure. She was married in Buffalo, NY to the man who became our father. There are seven of us, and we are watching our mother struggle. Our father was far from kind to her, and left us numerous times, returning to abuse her (mostly). Our mother never sought "another man," and she worked tirelessly to feed and clothe us. With the newer forms of chemo, and lots of prayer, she is hanging on. She claims that she wants to live, but still occasionally smokes a bit. Judy is only 77 years old, and we humbly ask for a miracle, as well as any comfort that God and her Guardian Angels can offer. She has no enemies, except for this disease. Please pray for her. Thank you for your time and prayer.

Requested by

Julie Whan