Liturgical Prayer

Go into your room

Posted on October 12, 2019
Office book
The following includes excerpts from a treatise on Cain and Abel written by Saint Ambrose, bishop (339 - 397 AD). It is a part of the Office of Readings for Monday of the Twenty-Seventh Week in Ordinary Time. In his...

Light on the Word

Posted on August 31, 2019
Light on the Word
A few words about … Liturgy of the Word For both Jews and Christians Sacred Scripture is an essential part of their respective liturgies. § 1096 The liturgical celebration always refers to God's saving...

The way of light

Posted on August 24, 2019
Office book
The following is an excerpt from a letter attributed to Barnabas (died 61 AD). It is a part of the Office of Readings for Wednesday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time. Accept as a blessing whatever comes your...

The Suscipe

Posted on August 17, 2019
Jubilee 2014
Chapter 58 of the Rule of Benedict tells us about the use of a certain prayer during the ritual of profession. As is often the case, this prayer is named after its first word in Latin – here Suscipe -- which means ‘...


Posted on June 29, 2019
Office books
Recall that a canticle is a "little song" which, in the Liturgy of the Hours, includes Scripture other than that of the Book of Psalms. This Gospel canticle is named after its first word, Magnificat, the Latin term...


Posted on June 22, 2019
Office books
Derived from the Latin canticulum, a canticle is a little song. In the Liturgy of the Hours canticles are songs which include Scripture other than that of the Book of Psalms. This Gospel canticle is named after...


Posted on June 15, 2019
It was five months after I was bitten by the Iconography bug that I travelled to Saint Benedict, Louisiana for a second workshop. A fellow iconographer lived in the area but what really clinched the deal for me was...

The Easter Alleluia

Posted on May 25, 2019
Easter lily in chapel
The following is from a discourse on the Psalms by Saint Augustine, bishop (396 - 430 AD). It is part of the Office of Readings for Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter. Our thoughts in this present life should...

The scholar who is learned about the kingdom of heaven

Posted on May 18, 2019
blue skies at camp
Some time ago I marked this essay of Saint Isidore in my breviary for future reference. I guess the future arrived a couple weeks ago when it again caught my attention, this time because it connected with something...

Be shepherds

Posted on May 11, 2019
Good Shepherd
The fourth Sunday of the Easter season is known as Good Shepherd Sunday, as the Gospel reading for the day describes Christ's willingness to lay down his life for his sheep (John 10:27-30). The following is from a...