Pray for vocations!

In 1997, Pope John Paul II instituted a day of prayer
for women and men in consecrated life - February 2.

Pope Francis asks religious women and men to
"Wake up the world!
Be witnesses of a different way of doing things,
of acting, of living!"

Consider praying with us for vocations.
May our lives "wake up the world!"
May we "witness to a different way"
of living a Gospel life
so that in all things
God may be glorified!

Loving God,
we believe that Benedictine monasticism
bears fruit for the world.
We are grateful for the witness
of the Benedictine sisters among us.
May their faithfulness to the monastic way of life
awaken women to the stirrings of the Spirit.
Bless others with the courage
to accept the invitation
to seek you in community
through prayer and ministry.
May these seekers find fulfillment
for the longing in their hearts:
in communal life well-lived and
in loving attention to the needs of your people.
May they be upheld as we are upheld
by your constancy and steadfast love.
We ask this with confidence
in your goodness and grace,
now and evermore.