Reflections on Pentecost

Reflections on Pentecost

From the Prioress

The Easter season is winding down. We have marked the Church’s feast of the Ascension and soon Pentecost, which honors the coming of the Spirit, will be here. Then, after 50 days of having the opportunity to celebrate Easter faith, to live Easter hope, to share Easter joy, the Liturgical Year will cycle us back into Ordinary Time. However, the opportunities to celebrate faith, live hope, and share joy will be ever present. And in those opportunities we will have the chance to celebrate the Spirit—the fullness of God’s presence and love with us and in us.

One of my favorite descriptions of the season of Pentecost is given by Sister Joan Chittister in her book on the Liturgical Year (The Liturgical Year: the spiraling adventure of the spiritual life):

. . . the season of Pentecost: the period of unmitigated joy, of total immersion in the implications of what it means to be a Christian, to live a Christian life. It is at that point in the liturgical year when the curtain between here and there, time and eternity, for the most minute fraction of time splits open, and we begin to see not only what we are but what we can be.

To that end, please take a few minutes to enjoy our handbell choir’s rendition of "Drifting in the Spirit" on the homepage. The music, combined with a photo slide show, is offered for reflection. May it be an opportunity to grow in the awareness of the Spirit alive in our midst. May it be an invitation to allow that Spirit to be the inspiration and encouragement that summons us to immerse ourselves in what it means to be Christian. May it be a source of the peace that is the Spirit’s gift—the peace that is beyond human understanding but not human experience. Come, Spirit, come—Fill us with Light, fill us with Love . . . inspire . . . encourage . . . give us Peace.

Amen, alleluia!

Sister Anne Wambach, OSB, the twenty-first prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania is a native of Philadelphia. She moved to Mount St. Benedict Monastery in 1992 to respond to a desire to experience the monastic way of life. Previously a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Chestnut Hill, Sister Anne began the formal transfer process to the Erie Benedictines in 1993 and made her monastic profession in 1997.

Sister Anne has served the people of the Diocese of Erie as a teacher at St. Gregory's School in North East, Pa., from 1992-1995, and at the Neighborhood Art House in Erie, beginning as program director in 1995 and as executive director since 2005. She served on the Monastic Council from 2006-2010.