Do not love quarreling. RB 4:68

From the first few words of Benedict's Rule
we hear what can make quarreling less prevalent.
"Listen! Listen ... with the ear of your heart." (Prologue 1).

We are to foster a culture of listening to others with profound respect. We are to acknowledge the fact that others have a piece of the truth that we have not heard yet or paid attention to.

Benedict calls us to be open and mindful of what is being said. He reminds us often that different viewpoints are needed before arriving at a healthy level of common agreement.

Somethings I have been thinking about lately:
Am I really open to hear with others have to say
- or am I too attached to my own viewpoint?
Why might I argue with another person
- is it because I feel threatened by their point of view?
- is it because I may have to change?
Do I live as if I am on a One-Way Street
- my way is the only way?
Can I take in another's point of view and blend it with mine
- so that together we can move forward on a common path?