Pride - really?

Shun arrogance. RB 4:69

So being pleased with oneself might seem to be OK, especially if there is good reason to be pleased. However, lest we get puffed up with pride, Benedict reminds us that everything comes from God as gift. "Those who reverence God should not become elated over their good deeds; they judge it is God's strength, not their own, that brings about the good in them" (RB Prol. 29).

John Cassian, predecessor of Benedict, wrote in Conference 15:7: Humility is the teacher of all the virtues, the most solid foundation of the heavenly building. It is Christ's special and greatest gift.

We make progress in humility by being immersed in the Gospels and developing a personal relationship with Christ. From this relationship we become aware that we are known and loved and lovable.

This is the model for healthy relationships
- to know self
- to know another
- to be known by another
- to love self
- to love another
- to be loved by another

Everything is gift!
Everything is grace!