Blogs by Sisters

Sister Susan Doubet posts on Mondays and Thursdays to Light through Stained Glass Windows and gives readers a unique view of the prayer and community life of the Erie Benedictines.

Novice Valerie Luckey shares her journey with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie in her blog, Walking in the Holy Presence. Read it here.

Sister Marilyn Schauble, vocation director, posts reflections on the Rule of Benedict at Living the Zeal of Benedict. Make a difference in the world! Live the ZEAL of Benedict!

A personal journal captures what’s in the heart. Most of my adult life I’ve recorded my notes, brief reflections, poems, reactions to daily events in a journal. It is an ongoing source of monastic formation; the rich and raw material of life that helps shape my Monastery of the Heart. About a year ago, Old Monk began to appear on my journal’s pages. —Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB, is the Monasteries of the Heart coordinator.

This blog is a collection of poems by Sister Ellen Porter. They are a living legacy to her inner beauty, her inner search for her God, whom she now knows most intimately. Ellen died August 21, 2008.

What is the contemplative life? And can I live it in my ordinary circumstances or is it only reserved for a special few? In the coming months, I will illuminate a spiritual quality that the world’s most ancient seekers say is a cardinal component of a life dedicated to seeking God in the moments of the daily. That’s people like you and me, seekers who go to work every day, care for love ones, pay bills, and are immersed in the complexities of contemporary life. Each week I will offer a brief excerpt from a long-standing spiritual alphabet that I explored in my book, Illuminated Life. Each of these values—that have been tried over time and found to be true—can make us contemplatives in the midst of chaos. — Joan Chittister
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