The Heart of the Rule of Benedict with Joan Chittister

Interested in learning more about monastic spirituality?: A new online video course, The Heart of the Rule of Benedict with Joan Chittister, will begin on January 2, 2012. In this yearlong course you will have access to weekly 3 to 5 minute videos on Benedictine spirituality distilled by Sister Joan from the 1500-year-old Rule of Benedict. Chapter by chapter Sister Joan will present the essence of the spirituality that has shaped and formed her life. The course spans 2012 and is divided into 4 sessions each lasting two months. You can sign up for each session for $10 or for all four for $30—a savings of $10. Included in the course is an optional online discussion facilitated by Erie Benedictine Mary Ellen Plumb. For more information and to view a sample visit Monasteries of the Heart.