Summer Basketball Clinic for Kids Cafe Teens at St. Benedict Community Center

“What’s the quote of the day?” Raphell Thomas-Edwards, co-director of A&K Basketball Skills Clinic, asked the teenage boys from the Kids Cafe bouncing basketballs through their legs and around their backs.

“Practice makes perfect!” One of the young men shouted out.

“That’s the quote of the day,” Raphell responded, “but does practice really make perfect? No. If you practice something the wrong way, you will permanently do it wrong.”

Raphell is not only teaching the fine arts of basketball skills, he’s also teaching life skills during the three weeks of the basketball clinic open to selected youth from the Kids Cafe.

“During the month of August, the Kids Cafe is usually shut down but I wanted to offer something for the youth to continue coming to,” said Sister Dianne Sabol, director of Programs and Facility at the St. Benedict Community Center, who coordinates the gym for Kids Cafe youth to use.

“Some of our children have really great basketball skills and instincts but we want to help them learn the fine points and basics of basketball,” Sister Dianne continued. “And A&K Basketball Skills Clinic is good at helping young people develop the detailed techniques of basketball.”

Sister Dianne organized this clinic in collaboration with the Kids Cafe, St. Benedict Community Center, and the A&K Skill Development.