Thoughts on Community

2016 Community Jubilee Celebration

Where charity and love are found,
there will the face of God be seen.
The love of Christ will bind our hearts;
as one body we will be.

(2003 - Where Love Is Found
- Dan Schutte, OCP)

The Benedictine spirituality of community
is based on life with other persons in the spirit of Christ:
to support them,
to empower them,
and to learn from them.

In Benedictine spirituality,
community is a very human thing.
It is not perfection that is expected but growth.

In community
we work out our connectedness to God,
to one another,
and to ourselves.
It is in community
where we find out who we really are.

Alone, we are what we are,
but in community
we have the chance of becoming everything we can be.
(1990 - Wisdom Distilled from the Daily
- Joan Chittister - Harper & Row)