Living the Zeal of Benedict

a blog by Sister Marilyn Schauble, OSB

Sing Scholastica's fair story sing a strong and holy life.
As a young and true disciple she took up the noble strife
joining other holy women against the evils which were rife.

Honoring in her heart all nature, earth and water, fire and air.
She as God's own faithful daughter told the story of God's care
to her sisters as they gathered joined in listening, song and prayer.

Knowing God to be the author of the soul's desire to pray,
Benedict's twin sister ever with her brother shared the way
of the Holy Rule each striving to reflect the Spirit's ray.

Taught by God, she grew in wisdom, gave strong counsel to the weak,
holding work and prayer in balance time for silence, time to speak.
May we follow her example and with her God's presence seek.

Poem/Text by Elizabeth Morris Downie
Oblate of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery

Day by day remind yourself that you are going to die. RB 4:47

This verse in the Rule of Benedict is really something! A wake up call for me for sure!

Each time I read this line Benedict reminds me that my goal is to live in a state of mindfulness - a growing realization that my words, silence, actions, emotions, etc. affect my own spiritual journey and the journey of everyone and everything else that I share this planet with.

If I could really live every day as if I were about to die I hope I would be
-kinder inside and out
-more compassionate and forgiving
-less likely to judge others or myself
-more aware of the expansiveness of the divine presence
... the list could go on and on!

So how would you be?

The Love of Christ Compels Us.

Reconciled to God.

God, our Creator, we thank you for uniting Christians around the world in prayer. Let us always be grateful for the gift of faith so that we may continue to grow in unity and reconciliation. We pray in praise of your holy name now and forever. Amen.

The Love of Christ Compels Us.

The ministry of reconciliation

God, our Creator, we give you thanks for reconciling us and the whole world to yourself in Christ. Empower us, our community, and our local churches in ministries of reconciliation. Heal our hearts and help us to spread your peace. We pray in praise of your holy name now and forever. Amen.

The Love of Christ Compels Us.

God reconciled us to God-self

God, our Creator, out of love you made a covenant with your people. Empower us to resist all forms of discrimination. Let the gift of your loving covenant fill us with joy and inspire us to greater unity. We pray in praise of your holy name now and forever. Amen.