From sunrise to sunset your name shall be praised.
Live in awe of God and you will lack nothing.
Uphold me O God, according to your word and I shall live and do not fail me in my hope.
Bless the work of our hands, O God.

Update: Coronavirus at the Monastery

A message from Sister Stephanie Schmidt, Prioress:
As a monastic community, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie are part of many other communities, including our online community. The connections between us vary in degree but not in commitment to concern for each other and the well-being of all.

One of our major concerns is the coronavirus. Unfortunately, just before Christmas, we had a sister at the monastery diagnosed with COVID. We immediately quarantined, each sister staying in her room with meals delivered to her. Over the next few days we had more positive diagnoses and on December 30 the entire community was tested and 19 sisters have COVID. Our health care staff is exemplary not only in the care of our sisters but also in their collaboration with CDC guidelines and our local health department. Thankfully, none of our sisters is critical and we hope for a full recovery for each.

We count on your prayer as we move through this time. We also continue to remember all of you, our extended community, in our prayers. Many of you have lost friends and family members to COVID or suffered through it. We also remember the valiant health care workers who have been battling this pandemic for so many months at such great sacrifice. There are other essential workers on whom we have counted and who have also made great sacrifice. We remember all of you. Thank you for your prayerful support.

Martin Luther King Day #PeaceWithJustice

Martin Luther King Day #PeaceWithJustice

January 17, 2021

Benedictines for Peace offers these links to local and national celebrations in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.:
Monday, January 18: Horton Family & Friends MLK Prayer Service, featuring Pastor Darrell Cook of Christ Community Church, with presentation of the Wiley-Horton Scholarship in conjunction with Gannon University, 10 a.m., Zoom link click here.

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Sister Placida 103rd birthday

Aging with Grace

January 15, 2021

In her 103rd podcast, Sister Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski speaks with 103-year-old Sister Placida Anheuser.

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Peace to all who enter here.

Pray with us

January 14, 2021

At the entrance to every Benedictine monastery, we find the word Pax, “Peace to those enter here.” It is a reminder that St. Benedict directs us in the Rule to "let peace be your quest and aim." In that spirit, the Erie Benedictine Liturgy Team invites you to pray the following prayer at midday each day until Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021. At the monastery, we will end Midday Prayer with this prayer.
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Introducing the new Communications and Development Team

Introducing the new Communications and Development Team

January 11, 2021

“It was certainly not the way I envisioned bringing someone into our extended Benedictine family,” said Sister Linda Romey after welcoming Michelle Basista to her new position as Communications and Development Associate via Zoom on January 4. “But with the monastery under quarantine with active COVID cases, it was our only option.”
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Sister Stephanie Schmidt leads Holy Hour

Marking the end of the Christmas Season

January 10, 2021

On the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, Sunday, January 10, we end the Christmas season and enter into Ordinary Time. Still in quarantine with sisters who have COVID, the sisters marked the day with a Holy Hour broadcast over the PA system....For each of us, this Advent and Christmas season, like the past nine months of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been truly extraordinary....
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LCWR Statement: Repair Our Democracy

LCWR Statement: Repair Our Democracy

January 7, 2021

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie join with women religious through the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in renewing our commitment to the common good and pledge to take up the challenge to use our energy to repair our democracy and contribute to the work of building a more perfect union.

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Benedict wears his mask.

Wear a mask

January 6, 2021

Sister Susan Doubet promotes mask wearing on her new blog post. Benedict listened!

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Epiphany Blessing of the Monastery

Epiphany Blessing of the Monastery

January 3, 2021

With the monastery still under quarantine and sisters with COVID, the 2021 celebration of Epiphany, including the monastery blessing, relied in part on memory and desire....prioress Sister Stephanie Schmidt invited everyone to remember past processions of sisters and guests blessing the different spaces in the monastery...
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New blog post from Old Monk: Sister Mary Lou Kownacki

New blog post from Old Monk: Sister Mary Lou Kownacki

January 1, 2021

It’s all we have, of course—one body in which we experience what we call “my life.” I think of how little time I’ve given to acknowledging it, reverencing it.... How fantastic that we just celebrated Christmas when we’re reminded that God comes to us in a human body. “Venite adoremus,” come let us adore. And as far as New Year’s resolutions go—Let’s just give this beautiful body one long, passionate kiss.
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Emmaus Ministries participates virtually in Nuns on the Bus 2020 Tour

With so many events—large and small—adjusted, postponed, or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nuns on the Bus, an annual social justice bus tour sponsored by the Catholic advocacy group NETWORK, had to adapt as well. Prior to the coming national presidential election, NETWORK has organized a virtual bus tour to address issues that are part of the Catholic social justice agenda.

“Since Nuns on the Bus could not go on the road, they asked organizations like Emmaus to share how federal policies can affect the people it serves both for better and for the worse,” said Breanna Mekuly, Emmaus staff member. Emmaus submitted a video for the tour explaining policies important to its ministry in the city of Erie: support for food assistance programs like SNAP, the FEED Act which helps farmers get their food to the hungry without waste, expansion of the Affordable Care Act, and a call for a “housing first” approach to ending homelessness. “Each person and each family we meet at Emmaus is unique, but they all are harmed by policies that punish the poor. We call on the federal government to prioritize bills and laws that will allow for all, especially those most marginalized and forgotten in our society, to obtain their basic needs,” Sister Valerie Luckey, Emmaus staff member, shared in the video. (NOTE: Archive photos, pre-COVID-19, used in video.)

Emmaus Ministries (Erie) from Paul Marchione on Vimeo.