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Special Announcement

Join us in prayer this November in our Community of Life and Hope Progam.

Covid 19 has changed all of our lives in many different ways. Much of life is now out of our control ─ whether it’s a new way of doing our job, the children not going to school, experiencing unemployment, financial worries, sickness and fear of the unknown, or feeling isolated because we can’t meet with friends. Understandably, we are all feeling some kind of anxiety and uncertainty. Here is something to count on: beginning on All Saints' Day, November 1, our sisters will remember your loved ones by name through the month.

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Prayers on Election Day

Prayers on Election Day

October 29, 2020

Join us on the steps of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Paul, 134 West 7th Street in Erie, for non-partisan prayers for peace and for our country. The service will be about 20 minutes. Please wear a mask. Benedictines for Peace is a co-host of this prayer service.

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Virtual oblate commitment ceremony at Mount St Benedict Monastery

Five new oblates welcomed at annual Oblate Commitment Ceremony

October 27, 2020

The 2020 annual Oblate Commitment Ceremony took place during Evening Praise at the monastery and around the world via Zoom on Saturday, October 24. Nearly 100 oblates participated, including six initiates and five new oblates, their faces visible to the sisters on a large screen suspended from the monastery's community room ceiling. Oblates likewise saw the sisters via four strategically placed cameras.
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LCWR Congratulates Archbishop Wilton Gregory

LCWR Congratulates Archbishop Wilton Gregory

October 26, 2020

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious rejoices over the news of the appointment of Archbishop Wilton Gregory as a cardinal in the Catholic Church.

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Oblate Joanne Cahill and Sister Dianne Sabol, Oblate Co-directors

For the first time an oblate and a sister will co-direct oblate program

October 23, 2020

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie have named Oblate Joanne Cahill (left) as the first oblate co-director of the 275 oblates of the community. Joanne, of State College, PA, will be co-director with Sister Dianne Sabol, oblate director since 2015.

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Darlene Kerstetter, '82, (left) and Valerie Purzycki, '88

Leadership change at SBA Alumnae Association

October 22, 2020

After 19 years Ann Comstock, '64, St. Benedict Academy Alumnae Association Coordinator, is pulling back to allow the "younger girls who know all the new technology" to take the lead. SBA Board President Darlene Kerstetter, '82, (left) and board member Valerie Purzycki, '88, will take the helm.
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Silent Peace Walk

Silent Peace Walk

October 20, 2020

Erie Benedictines for Peace is encouraging a "Do it yourself" Silent Walk for Peace on Friday, October 23, from 12:30 to 1:00 pm. We hope you will walk in solidarity, by holding a socially distant, mask-wearing silent peace walk in your local area at the same time.

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Emmaus Ministries participates virtually in Nuns on the Bus 2020 Tour

With so many events—large and small—adjusted, postponed, or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nuns on the Bus, an annual social justice bus tour sponsored by the Catholic advocacy group NETWORK, had to adapt as well. Prior to the coming national presidential election, NETWORK has organized a virtual bus tour to address issues that are part of the Catholic social justice agenda.

“Since Nuns on the Bus could not go on the road, they asked organizations like Emmaus to share how federal policies can affect the people it serves both for better and for the worse,” said Breanna Mekuly, Emmaus staff member. Emmaus submitted a video for the tour explaining policies important to its ministry in the city of Erie: support for food assistance programs like SNAP, the FEED Act which helps farmers get their food to the hungry without waste, expansion of the Affordable Care Act, and a call for a “housing first” approach to ending homelessness. “Each person and each family we meet at Emmaus is unique, but they all are harmed by policies that punish the poor. We call on the federal government to prioritize bills and laws that will allow for all, especially those most marginalized and forgotten in our society, to obtain their basic needs,” Sister Valerie Luckey, Emmaus staff member, shared in the video. (NOTE: Archive photos, pre-COVID-19, used in video.)

Emmaus Ministries (Erie) from Paul Marchione on Vimeo.

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