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Sun, 2019-02-10 07:38

Solemnity of Saint Scholastica
I must tell you how the venerable Benedict once wished for something but could not obtain it.

His sister Scholastica had from her infancy been dedicated to God. She used to come to see Benedict once a year. He would come down to meet her a short distance outside the gate, on the monastery property. One day she came as usual, and her venerable brother came down to her with some disciples. They devoted the whole day to the praises of God and to holy conversation. As the shades of night were falling, they ate their meal together. They were still eating, and it was getting late as they continued their holy talk, when Scholastica put this request to Benedict: “I entreat you, do not leave me tonight so that we may talk on till morning about the joys of the heavenly life.” “My sister,” Benedict replied, “what are you saying? It is completely impossible for me to remain outside my cell.”

At the time, the sky was so serene, that not a cloud was to be seen. When Scholastica heard her brother refuse her, she placed her hands on the table with fingers intertwined and rested her head on her hands to pray to God. When she raise her head up again, such violent thunder and lightning and such a downpour of rain broke out that neither Benedict or his disciples who were with him could put a foot outside the door of the place where they were sitting. For Scholastica, while laying her head on her hands, had spilt streams of tears on the table, and this was how she changed the serenity of the sky to rain. Nor did the inundation begin a little after her prayer, but the prayer and the downpour were so closely related that she raised her head from the table along with the thunder and it was at one and the same moment that she raised her head and the rain fell.

Then Benedict, amid the lightning, thunder and immense downpour of rain, seeing that he could not return to the monastery, began to complain sadly: “May God pardon you, sister! What have you done?” “See,” Scholastica replied, “I asked you and you wouldn’t listen to me. I asked God and God listened. Go now, if you can. Leave me and go back to the monastery.” But Benedict had to stay under that roof. He was not willing to remain freely in the place so he had to stay unwillingly. And so it happened that they passed the whole night in vigil and each fully satisfied the other with holy talk on the spiritual life.

It was of this incident that I said that Benedict wanted something but could not prevail. For if we consider his thought, evidently he would have liked the good weather he had while going down to have continued but, contrary to his wishes and by the power of God he found a miracle coming from a woman’s heart. Nor is it any surprise that Scholastica who wished to see her brother for a longer time was on this occasion stronger than Benedict, for according to the words of John, “God is love,” and by a altogether fair judgment, she was able to do more because she loved more.

Life and Miracles of Saint Benedict (Book 2 of the Dialogues) Gregory the Great

Christian Unity 2019

Sat, 2019-01-19 10:29

Justice, Only Justice, You Shall Pursue.

January 18, Friday – Day 1
Let justice roll down like waters
God of the widow, the orphan and the stranger, you have shown us the path of justice. As Christians together, may we give you glory not only with our hearts and minds, but also by our deeds. May your spirit help and guide us to work for justice wherever we are, so that many will profit from our works. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 19, Saturday – Day 2
Let your word be “Yes, Yes” or “No, No.”
God of righteousness, grant us wisdom and help our hearts to be guided by honesty and our lips to speak the truth. Give us courage to be truthful at all times. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 20, Sunday – Day 3
God is gracious and merciful to all.
O God, we praise you for your great glory made manifest in all of creation. Give us an open heart to embrace all who experience discrimination. Help us to grow in love beyond prejudice and injustice. Grant us the grace to respect the uniqueness of each person, so that in our diversity we may experience unity. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 21, Monday – Day 4
Be content with what you have.
Compassionate God, we thank you for your bountiful gifts. Give us the grace to accept all blessings in simplicity and with humble gratitude. Enable us to be content and ready to share with others who are in need, so that all may experience unity in the love that flows from you. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 22, Tuesday – Day 5
Bring good news to the poor.
Loving God, be with us and help us not to lust for power and free us from any temptation that may oppress others. May we live in solidarity with our neighbors as we take your good news to those who are oppressed. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 23, Wednesday – Day 6
The God of all is the name.
Loving God, by your word all things came to be. We thank you for the universe which manifests your glory, beauty, and kindness. Grant us the wisdom to walk gently upon the earth as we proclaim your message to all creation. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 24, Thursday – Day 7
Great is your faith!
Gracious God, You are the source of human dignity. As we search to manifest the unity of the Church, grant us the courage to reject all forms of violence against women and to celebrate the gifts of the Spirit that women bring to the service of the Church. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

January 25, Friday – Day 8
God is my light and my salvation.
God our Sustainer, we praise you for your loving kindness, for upholding us at all times, and for showing your light in times of darkness. Transform our lives so that we may be a blessing for others. Help us to live unity in diversity. We pray in the name of Jesus in unity with the Spirit. Amen.

Nonviolence - a way of life

Fri, 2018-12-14 11:11

Ever-loving and abiding God,
may our shared praise rise to you
as we remember your presence
in the lives of our sisters and brothers.

Awaken in us
an ever-increasing awareness
of the wonder of the gift of LIFE.

Teach s the value of each person;
keep us ever mindful
that the life blood of every person is precious,
and that we share responsibility
for the life of each person.

No hatred, jealousy, envy!

Mon, 2018-12-03 15:48

Harbor neither hatred nor jealousy of anyone, and do nothing out of envy. (RB 4: 65-67)

Benedict can't get much clearer:
no hatred!
no jealousy!
no envy!

There is no place for these in a heart that aspires to follow the way of love.

Life today?

Sun, 2018-11-11 10:42

What are you going to do with your life today?

Be compassion!
Be love!
Be mercy!
Be kindness!
Be gentleness!
Be ... !

What are you going to do with your life today?

2018 National Vocation Awareness Week - Nov. 4-10

Mon, 2018-11-05 14:01

Join us in praying for vocations everywhere / everyone - and of course particularly to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PA.
Blessings of peace to one and all!

Loving God, we believe that Benedictine monasticism bears fruit for the world. We are grateful for the witness of the Benedictine sisters among us. May their faithfulness to the monastic way of life awaken women to the stirrings of the Spirit. Bless others with the courage to accept the invitation to seek you in community through prayer and ministry. May these seekers find fulfillment for the longing in their hearts: in communal life well-lived and in loving attention to the needs of your people. May they be upheld as we are upheld by your constancy and steadfast love. We ask this with confidence in your goodness and grace, now and evermore. Amen.