Worshipping Angel Cards available in set of four

Angel Kneeling in Prayer
Angel with Book
Angel with Incense
Angel with Harp

For a limited time only:
Four Worshipping Angels from the sanctuary of the original Benedictine Sisters of Erie monastery chapel on East 9th Street are available as note cards:

• Angel Kneeling in Prayer
• Angel with Book
• Angel with Incense
• Angel with Harp.

(Click image at left for enlarged view.)

Packet includes one of each angel card and envelopes
Cards are blank inside and measure 4.5" x 6"
Cost per packet $5.00 plus shipping and handling; two packets for $9.00

Cards are available in the monastery gift shop, Chapter 57
and online through Benetvision, the community's publishing ministry.
Click here to place an online order.

Worshipping Angels History
In 1874 the Benedictine Sisters of Erie built their chapel on East Ninth Street. It was not until 1896 that the first stained glass windows were installed. When the chapel was expanded in 1915 the four worshipping angels were added in the sanctuary. In 1973 when the chapel was demolished the angel windows were kept by the sisters. (The community had moved to their new monastery on East Lake Road by this time and had a new chapel.)

In 1977-78, three of the angel windows were restored by Marcie Bircher, Oblate, and reside in various parts of the monastery. The fourth window had been misplaced and presumed lost. Recently, when the maintenance staff was clearing out a flooded area, they found the top portion of the fourth angel, Angel with Harp. Damaged and dirty, she was restored by a generous donor in October 2014. Read about her restoration on page 15 of the 2014 Christmas issue of The Mount.

Each of the angels have been featured on covers of The Mount;
Click here to access the archived issues.

Angels photographed by Jo Clarke, Oblate