Immigration Reform Vigil

Beginning in December 2013, Erie Benedictines for Peace has sponsored a half-hour prayer vigil, 5:15-5:45 p.m., on the corner of Second and State Streets in Erie. The vigil remembers the 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, those who crossed our borders illegally or who came with a visa but did not leave when their visa expired. There are many immigrants in Erie who have documents, who brought here by Catholic Charities or the International Institute. They are not the focus of the vigil.

The vigil prays for immigration reform, asking that a law be passed that has three main provisions:
—a clear path to citizenship
—assurance of family unity—stop deportations
—protection for the rights of immigrant workers.

The Senate passed a bill in June 2013 that has these three points but the House refuses to vote on it. BFP will hold a vigil the First Friday of each month until the Senate bill becomes law.

A pdf flier is available here to download and print.

Annual Good Friday Peace Pilgrimage

Christ is crucified today whenever and wherever hatred, violence and injustice prevail. Each year the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Benedictines for Peace members and others walk a contemporary Way of the Cross through Erie, ending at Mount St. Benedict Monastery—a 7 ½ mile pilgrimage.  We stop along the way for contemporary stations at sites that symbolize the oppression being felt by people today.

Take Back the Site Vigils

Take Back the Site vigils, 15 minutes in length, are held at the site of any death in the city of Erie that resulted from an act of violence. We hold the vigils with the purpose of reclaiming the site for nonviolence with our prayerful presence. During the vigil we also pray for the loved ones of the person who was murdered and for the loved ones of the person who committed the murder. Family, friends, neighbors and those committed to being a presence for peace and non-violence take part in the vigils. The first vigil was held in November 1999 and the 38th one was held in April 2009.

Calendar of Events

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