What Sisters and Oblates Are Reading

The Anodyne Necklace

by Martha Grimes

Sister Susan Doubet

I am blatantly taking advantage of my role as book review poster, to choose the 100th review by highlighting my latest set of mystery book favorites: the Richard Jury series by Martha Grimes. Grimes has just published her 24th book in this award-winning group of excellently written mysteries starring the low-keyed, yet first-class, analytically brilliant thinker, Scotland Yard detective Richard Jury. (The Anodyne Necklace shown here won the Nero Wolfe Award at its publication)

What I like most about this series are: a) the characters, from Jury, to his hypochondriac sergeant, Wiggins, to his unofficial side-kick the former local landed gentry ("Just call me Melrose Plant, I gave up being a Lord.") and Plant's cast of local British quirky friends; b) the settings, which always center around a local pub, cleverly also the title of each book; and c) the excellent writings, which, embarrassing to admit, sends me to a dictionary at least 3-4 times per book to look up a word I swear I have never seen. (e.g. You know those little dust cover-like coverings that are on the arms and at the head of large, formal chairs? They have a special name!)

In addition to the international acclaim she has received, Grimes was awarded the 2012 Edgar Grand Master award, high praise for her career of bringing us such enchanting stories.

Finally, I just discovered that three of her books have been filmed--alas, in German. I'll hold out hope for the English-speaking world.

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