What Sisters and Oblates Are Reading

Dance of the Dissident Daughter

by Sue Monk Kidd
Harper One

Sister Mary Lou Kownacki

The book club that I belong to just finished The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. Years ago, I had read Kidd's memoir of coming to consciousness as a woman in the church, but still found it relevant. Unbelievably relevant! She wrote it 20 years ago! Here’s one insight that stuck with me: “Back during my awakening I’d learned to recognize my anger and allow it to have its place. I had stopped treating injustice against half the human population as a misdemeanor.” Right, mistreatment of women is not a misdemeanor. It’s a major crime and should be treated as such. I’ve written before about holy anger and go spastic when people tell me to calm down about injustice to women. You stay calm when dealing with misdemeanors like jaywalking and double parking. But when you confront injustice to women, you should react as if someone was being tortured in your presence. Rage! Rage!

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