What Sisters and Oblates Are Reading

The Lion of God Archangel Ari'El

by Carol Vaccariello
Balboa Press

Sister Linda Romey

“The Spirit is reaching out to us in every moment in a variety of ways,” writes Benedictine oblate Carol Vaccariello in her book, The Lion of God Archangel Ari’El: Personal Encounters.

In her book, Carol shares the many ways Spirit has reached out to her over the course of many years. Her entire life has been guided by angels, the most prominent of whom is Ari’El, the Lion of God. From helping her learn to trust in her sacred strength by facing fears manifesting in her dreams to opening herself to their ever-present guidance, the angels have shaped and directed her life.

Carol tells her story with conviction and passion—and notes that in reality, it is the story of Ari’El as much as it is her story. “He wants people to know that he and millions of angels are simply waiting for humans to let them into their lives,” she writes. “The angels can’t barge in without our openness to them or an invitation to them. We have free will and they honor that gift in humanity.”

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