Choosing an Energy Supplier

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Choosing an Energy Supplier


Using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to produce electricity provides two important benefits. First, the burning of fossil fuels is eliminated which greatly reduces the human impact on climate change. Second, as its name implies, renewable energy sources are continuously available and do not require destructive practices such as mining.

Sister Diane Cook, Benedictine Sisters' Community Treasurer explained, “We had been using partially green energy for some time. Early in 2017 we decided to explore what was available and what it would cost to use 100% renewable energy. We found that very competitive rates were available so that we could be both environmentally responsible and economically prudent at the same time.”

Ready to consider making the switch? Numerous reputable organizations have posted comparison shopping rates and guidance for making it happen. Consult our webpage resource listing: Check out our resource listing for PA Powerswitch.