New Millcreek Giant Eagle Sports Energy Efficiency/Sustainability Features

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Giant Eagle Millcreek Marketplace, Erie, PA

Giant Eagle has a longstanding tradition of supporting the communities it serves, as well as being a responsible steward of the environment. As such, incorporating innovative sustainability features and offerings into the new Millcreek Marketplace Giant Eagle, which opened on March 23, 2017 was a priority for the company.
Core conservation and sustainability focus areas at the Millcreek Giant Eagle include energy, waste, water, and product.
In addition to full LED lighting throughout the store, this location utilizes both a rooftop solar array and solar tracking skylights that are designed to extend the amount of time that natural daylight can be used to illuminate the store. Combined, these initiatives help to reduce overall energy consumption.
In an effort to minimize waste, the Millcreek Marketplace Giant Eagle has multiple diversion programs in place. For example, the robust recycling initiative includes things like cooking oil, beverage and pharmacy bottles, meat trimmings, and more.
The store is fitted with water efficient features in restrooms and food preparation areas, which significantly reduce in-store water consumption. Storm water is collected, held on-site, and later used for landscaping purposes through an irrigation system. This activity further contributes to overall efficient water use.
Giant Eagle is committed to making a variety of locally-sourced product available to customers. In our Millcreek location, our vast local assortment is highlighted by community favorites like Smith’s provisions, Stefanelli’s candies, Romolo chocolates, and Perry’s ice cream. Further, Giant Eagle partners with more than 70 local farms and more than 100 local vendors throughout the company’s footprint.
Information was furnished by Mr. Keith Schmidt, Manager of the Millcreek Giant Eagle.