CHAPTER 13 – The Celebration of Lauds on Ordinary Days

On ordinary weekdays, Lauds are celebrated as follows … RB 13:1

Benedict’s Rule remains a powerful alternative, another way of viewing life, people, and things. He is calling one and all to search for the inner meaning in the ordinary. In the ordinary one can experience the revelation of God’s presence.

Benedict celebrates ordinary disciplines and down-to earth virtues as the surest route to living a life that is God-seeking. Benedictine spirituality is accessible to anyone who is willing to pray regularly, to embrace moderation and balance, to welcome Christ in the other, to cultivate a spirit of humility, to steward all the gifts of this earth, and to approach community (at home or in a monastery) as a place where growth in the spiritual life may occur.

Each ordinary day we are invited by Benedict to build a better world, a world which is liberated from jealousy, rivalry, negativity, murmuring, competition, and the struggle for power. As followers of Benedict we are invited to let go of needing to be the center of the world. This letting go will empower us to be open to and filled with God’s glory, "so that in all things God may be glorified." (RB 57:9; I Peter 4:11)