CHAPTER 29 - Readmission of Members Who Leave the Monastery

Let her/him be received back, but as a test of humility s/he should be given the last place. If s/he leaves again, or even a third time, s/he should be readmitted under the same conditions. After this, however, s/he must understand that s/he will be denied all prospects of return. RB 29:2-3

Once again Benedict shows his pastoral side. It seems obvious that he knew about patience when offering this Way of Life to the world. For more than some it will be a difficult decision. With any decision comes commitment. Benedict knew that people will waver in their decisions and commitments. Here he offers a second and third chance. New starts mean NEW starts – things are not the same as they were the first or second time. Hopefully we are not the same as we were the first or second time. Like Benedict can we show our pastoral side and offer to one another new starts?