CHAPTER 36 - The Sick

Care of the sick must rank above and before all else, so that they may truly be served as Christ who said: "I was sick and you visited me (Mt 25:36)," and "What you did for one of these least of my people you did for me (Mt 25:40)." -- RB:1-3

Service is the theme of this chapter in the Rule of Benedict. Benedict is showing once again that mutual service to others is primary in the Way of Life he embraces and hands on to his followers. We are to meet Christ as we care for one another and therefore we are to be Christ for one another. A large portion of Christ's earthly ministry was service: healing of the sick, crippled, deaf and blind. We are to be ever aware of the presence of Christ in those that we serve and at the same time we are to be the presence of Christ to the people we serve. Servant to the servant. Christ to Christ.