That God May Be Glorified Office Book

Marilyn Schauble, OSB, editor
Join in the daily prayer of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie with their inclusive language psalter, That God May Be Glorified.

That God May Be Glorified is a five-week psalter, 300 pages spiral bound. It includes morning and evening prayer.

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Cost each: $20.00
Te Deum CD

Mary David Callahan, OSB, composer
Benedictine Sisters of Erie vocals

A collection of twenty-nine scripture-based songs, hymns and canticles used in the daily prayer of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie composed by Sister Mary David and sung by a schola of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.

74 minutes

Cost each: $12.95
Te Deum Music Book

Scripture-based songs, hymns and canticles in unison, two, three and four parts written by Mary David Callahan, OSB

“Te Deum—chants of praise” is a collection of the best of Sister Mary David’s hymns, canticles and songs that are part of the daily prayer life of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. The 29 selections include a setting of Morning and Evening Prayer, Songs of Women, and Songs of Mary.

Accompaniment is for keyboard with guitar chords included for some selections.

Cost each: $15.00
A Reader's Version of the Rule of St. Benedict in Inclusive Language

Marilyn Schauble, OSB, and Barbara Wojciak, ed
The Rule of Benedict now is presented in inclusive language and divided into 120 sections to facilitate easy daily reading. This book is organized so the reader can join monasteries around the world by reading the entire Rule three times a year.

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96 pages

Cost each: $6.00