Community of Life and Hope 2020

Covid 19 has changed all of our lives in many different ways!

Much of life is now out of our control ─ whether it’s a new way of doing our job, the children not going to school, experiencing unemployment, financial worries, sickness and fear of the unknown, or feeling isolated because we can’t meet with friends. Understandably, we are all feeling some kind of anxiety and uncertainty.

That’s why our Community of Life and Hope program is even more important this year.

  • Do you have a friend, family member or neighbor in need of prayers?
  • Is there a deceased loved one who meant the world to you?
  • Is someone close to you celebrating an important event, which can be particularly difficult during these times of isolation?
  • Do you yourself need prayers?

Click here to go to our secure online form and send us the names of those for whom you would like us to pray. Or, you can click here to print a PDF version of this letter with a reply form. Simply complete the form and return it to us via regular mail to: Community of Life and Hope, Mount St. Benedict Monastery, 6101 East Lake Road, Erie, PA 16511.

We'd like to offer you a "Prayer for a Pandemic," written by Joan Chittister, for your personal prayer and reflection. Click here to print a PDF version of this prayer. We've chosen an image of a dragonfly to accompany the prayer because the dragonfly is a symbol of resurrection and renewal after hardship.

While an offering for the Community of Life and Hope program is not necessary, any gift makes a difference in many lives, most of whom you will never meet. Any contribution is appreciated and will support the sisters and our mission. Thank you.

Thank you for being a part of our Community of Life and Hope program.