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At its most basic level, St. Benedict Community Center (SBCC), located at 320 E. 10th Street in Erie, aims to provide a recreational facility inclusive of peoples of all races and challenges.

But what it actually provides are opportunities for teambuilding and mentoring, friendship and hope. It provides security and stability and consistency, appreciation for neatness and order, and it challenges its patrons—young as well as old—to become their best selves. The presence of SBCC on Erie’s East Side helps provide beauty in a part of the city where it’s most needed and gives donors the chance to support the revitalization of the inner-city with their contributions to its programs and services.

“It was all positive vibes,” says Tyshawn Salter, who played basketball at SBCC from the time he was 7 until he was 18 and now looks forward to one day bringing his young son to play. “I knew when I came here I was going to have fun.”

On the grandest level, that’s what St. Benedict Community Center, under the direction of Sister Dianne Sabol, is about. The positive vibes.

  • Sister Dianne Sabol, St. Benedict Community Center Director
    Sister Dianne Sabol, St. Benedict Community Center Director
  • Children from Kids Cafe enjoy the gyms
    Children from Kids Cafe enjoy the gyms
  • Sister Dianne and Tyshawn Salter
    Sister Dianne and Tyshawn Salter
  • A group of Pickleball players
    A group of Pickleball players
  • Playing Pickleball
    Playing Pickleball
  • Pickleball gets competitive
    Pickleball gets competitive

Reserve Gyms for Your Programs

SBCC’s two gyms are an easily accessible venue for many corporate, school, club and family activities. The poured, seamless floor is cushioned making it easier on the joints and softer on falling.

Call Sister Dianne Sabol, 814-459-2406, to check availability and for court and user fees.

Consider SBCC for:

  • Practice facility for youth sports
  • Locale for tournaments and leagues (basketball, volleyball or pickleball)
  • Classes like Zumba, Yoga, or others that do not require specialized equipment
  • Adaptive sports
  • Corporate team-building events

Would you like to tour St. Benedict Community Center? Call Sister Dianne to schedule a time: 814-459-2406.

Advantages of SBCC:

  • Benedictine hospitality welcomes everyone
  • Seamless, cushioned flooring
  • Free, off-street parking in lot behind building
  • Well-maintained facility
  • Semi-private environment (or private if you reserve both gyms)
  • Your use of SBCC supports our greater purpose of providing a safe place for children to play

Some of the organizations that have used the facility in the past 15 years include: Achievement Center, Erie Homes for Children and Adults, Kids Cafe, Lake Erie Soccer Club, Sarah Reed, Crossover Basketball and A&K Skill Development. Add your name to our list now!

Call 814-459-2406 to reserve space for your programs and activities.

Play Pickleball®

Playing Pickleball® at SBCC is different than playing it anywhere else in the city. We are Erie's only Benedictine gym and being Benedictine means hospitality is one of our top priorities. Your friends, co-workers and family members will enjoy the friendly, unintimidating and even intimate setting of our facility that larger gyms and clubs simply can’t offer. We offer you:

  • Two courts with seamless, cushioned flooring that is gentle on joints
  • Court times Monday to Saturday, mornings and evenings
  • Fee is $10 per person per one-hour court time
  • Memberships and discount cards available
  • Free use of equipment (paddles and balls)
  • Free lesson on your first visit
  • Private bookings available
  • New paddles can be purchased with a discount
  • We do not offer shower facilities

Call Sister Dianne Sabol, 814-459-2406, to schedule court times or for more information.

Benedictine Oblates Betsy and Marco Monsalve helped bring Pickleball to SBCC and they encourage people to play there. The Monsalves also donated funds to purchase Pickleball equipment. “It isn’t just about another place to play Pickleball,” they said. “This arrangement helps keep SBCC viable by helping to subsidize it. It’s critical that we maintain sites like this that anchor the community and provide children with a place to go for healthy activity which in turn can help prevent violence.”

Pickleball® is an easy-to-learn racquet sport created for all ages and skill levels. A cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong, Pickleball is among America’s fastest growing sports. It is played on a 20 x 44-foot court with a net height of 36 inches. It uses a solid racquet and whiffle-type ball. Players can play singles or doubles with the most common being foursomes.

About Sister Dianne Sabol, Director, and SBCC

Sister Dianne Sabol

Benedictine Sister of Erie Dianne Sabol, left, has a background in therapeutic recreation. She has been director of St. Benedict Community Center since the building was acquired by the Erie Benedictines in 1999. Formerly St. Mary’s Auditorium, the community purchased and renovated it in 1999 and rededicated it as St. Benedict Community Center in 2000. It is adjacent to St. Benedict Education Center (in the former St. Benedict Academy building) on East 10th Street, and the former St. Mary’s School where many sisters taught.