December 11
Antiphon (mantra) repeat quietly:

Awake and rejoice always; again, I say, rejoice.

Canticle: Isaiah 2

In days to come
the dwelling of the God of Life
shall be upon the highest mountain,
exalted above the hills.

All nations shall stream toward it;
many people shall come and say,
"Come, let us climb the holy mountain
to the dwelling of the Eternal One

that we may be taught holy ways
and learn to walk in these paths.
Instruction shall flow from Zion,
the word of the Holy One from Jerusalem."

God shall be the judge of the nations
and impose terms on all the people.
They shall turn their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning tools.

One nation shall not raise arms against another;
training for war will be no more.
God alone is the source of peace.
Let us walk in the holy presence.

Pray the Prayer of Jesus (Our Father)

Translation © 1998 Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Inc.