October 18

St. Luke

Antiphon (mantra) repeat quietly:

You are my friends, for you have remained steadfast in my love.

Psalm 56

Have mercy on me, O God,
for my enemies oppress me all day long.
Those against me are countless.

When I fear, I will trust in you.
What can mortals do to me?

They distort my words;
their every thought is to harm me.
They conspire against me,
watching and waiting to take my life.

You know my sorrow.
Are my enemies to go unpunished?
Will you not find them guilty?
Put my foes to flight.

I know you are with me.
What can mortals do to me?

I will fulfill the vows I made to you.
O God, I will give you praise,
for you rescued me from death.
You kept my feet from stumbling
that I may walk in your presence
and enjoy the light of the living.

Pray the Prayer of Jesus (Our Father)

Translation © 1998 Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Inc.