Emmaus Ministries

A commitment to the forgotten and the faceless of society – a Christian presence and outreach in Erie, Pennsylvania since 1974.


EMMAUS MINISTRIES: A Commitment to the Forgotten and the Marginal
— to the faceless of society who get left out and left behind without support at times of crisis

— to the single mother whose life is a constant struggle to provide simple necessities for her children

— to the child lost in poverty whose present is barely human and whose future is already lost

— to the elderly whose basic needs are too great for a check that is too small

— to the working poor who work in the lowest of low paying jobs and never get ahead

Contact Information

Emmaus Ministries, Inc.
345 East 9th Street
Erie, PA 16503
Phone: 814-459-8349
Fax: 814-459-8066
Sister Mary Miller, OSB
Margaret Kloecker
Rita Scrimenti
Breanna Mekuly
Valerie Luckey
Catherine Simon
Emmaus Soup Kitchen
218 East 11th Street
Erie PA 16503

Sister Gus' Kids Cafe
310 East 10th Street
Erie PA 16503

Breaking the Bread

There are people  
in the world so hungry,
that God cannot
appear to them
except in
the form
of bread.
Mahatma Gandhi 

From the Director

Sister Mary Miller

Sister Mary

I do believe Sister Joan Chittister’s words, “We can only live in such a way that every night there is something for which to be grateful and every morning there is something for which to get up.” But lately it’s been more difficult to put into practice. The ongoing pandemic, the rupture of the country into vile rhetoric and lack of concern for the common good, the agony of Afghanistan and Haiti, the dire reports and daily evidence of climate change…all of these can paralyze hope. All of these can make me want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed when morning arrives. Purpose? What purpose?

For the Record

Rest in Peace, Shirley Whaley


Shirley Whaley, our beloved soup kitchen cook for twelve years, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, September 27th. Emmaus sends its condolences to her family and friends—and all who loved her and feasted on her wonderful meals. Her faithfulness and calming presence will be held deeply in the hearts of the Emmaus family.

A link to her obituary can be found here.

A Fresh Coat of Paint at the Soup Kitchen

Debbie S painting

The soup kitchen received a little sprucing up when staff and volunteers painted the walls this past week. Food pantry volunteers Debbie Robertson, Debbie Shoup, and Tom Lieb helped Catherine Simon, Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry coordinator, along with ministry assistant, Sister Valerie Luckey as the previously white walls disappeared into a calming blue.

“I asked staff members and some volunteers to vote on three colors, and blue was the overwhelming favorite. Once we saw the finished kitchen, we loved the way the color made the artwork on the walls come alive. Now we have to wait until our guests can safely join us again indoors...

Senator Casey at the Kids Cafe

“No public official should be satisfied when there are so many children without enough food to eat,” Senator Bob Casey stated with conviction as he began his press conference at Emmaus’ Kids Cafe. His visit to the Kids Cafe was a stop on a tour to promote his proposed legislation, Five Freedoms for America’s Children, specifically the freedom from hunger.

Kids Cafe Coordinator, Breanna Mekuly, explained the reality of the children who attend the Kids Cafe, “There is food insecurity in Erie. We have families who aren't certain when they will have a next meal. When a child arrives crabby, I ask them when they ate last. Sometimes,...

Walking Together on the Road to Emmaus

Volunteers and Donors

Emmaus depends on many volunteers and donors at the food pantry, soup kitchen and Kids Cafe.Call 814-459-8349 if you would like to volunteer. Click here to make a donation.

Meet Darrell Meyers

Darrell with his grandson, Craig

The volunteers who show up at Emmaus day in and day out create the heartbeat of the ministry. Darrell Meyers has been part of that rhythm at the soup kitchen for over two decades.

Soup's On: An Emmaus Journal

By the Emmaus Ministries staff

March 24, 2021

While serving dinner at the soup kitchen the other evening, the bell rang at the back door. That usually means someone has come to drop off a donation. The 85 year-old woman who brought the donation said, “You might need a cart. There is a lot in my car.” Pushing the cart we currently use to move boxed dinners from the serving counter to the window where we distribute them, I went outside. Inside her car were bags and bags and bags of boxed snacks, apples, oranges, pasta…“You name it,” as they say.

As I brought in load after load, she said to me so sweetly, “When I have extra money, I love to go and buy food for the soup kitchen.”

I thought to myself, “When I have extra money, I love to go buy a new shirt for myself.”

Someone’s heart is in the right place.

Remember Emmaus with a Memorial

We are grateful to family members who ask that memorials be made to Emmaus on the death of loved ones. Visit our secure site to offer a memorial.

+ Neil J. Dietrich

+ Robert P. "Bob" David

+ Joan Sosnowski Menosky

+ Dolores L. Akerly Suminski

+ Joan Felege Rutkowski

+ Joseph A. "Joe" Borawski

+ Charles W. "Charlie" Farrell

+ Jay A. Smith

+ Bertha Mae Weismiller

+ Gerard "Jerry" T Uht Sr

+ Earl W Brieger

Fulfill the Emmaus Wish List

You can always help us stock our shelves at the soup kitchen with ground coffee, instant tea and instant lemonade, jelly/jam, peanut butter, maple syrup, mayonnaise/miracle whip, soup, and canned fruit. We ALWAYS appreciate diapers (all sizes) and baby formula.

The Kids Cafe Store is in need of the following items:
New Sweatpants (unisex; children's sizes 6-18 and adult size small)
New Sweatshirts (unisex; children's sizes 6-18 and adult size small)
New Girl's Jeans/long pants/leggings (children's sizes 6-18 and adult sizes small and medium)
Permanent Markers
Used Hardcover Books (for art projects)
Used Magazines
Lotion (especially cocoa butter, shea butter, and moisturizing lotion)
Pencil Sharpeners
Water Color Paper
Washable Acrylic Paint
Christmas Toys (for children ages 6-14)

Attention Bakers!!! We welcome homemade treats for our guests. If you're a baker, know that our Emmaus guests appreciate cookies, cakes, pies…sweets of any kind.

Call 814-459-8349 for more information or to schedule your donation.

Pray with Emmaus

Please join with the Emmaus community in reciting this prayer daily.

Prayer of St. Vincent DePaul

You will find that charity
is a heavy burden to carry,
heavier than the kettle of soup
and the basket of bread.

But you must your gentleness
and your smile keep.

Giving soup and bread
isn’t all that you can do.

The poor are your masters-
terribly sensitive and exacting
as you will see.

But the more demanding they seem
the more unjust and bitter
the more you must give them your love.

Emmaus Ministries