Emmaus Staff Member Knits Winter Items for Guests
Sister Rosanne and Margaret

Knowing that winter-time accessories are given out as quickly as they are donated, staff member Margaret Kloecker added more items to the collection at Emmaus Soup Kitchen last week. Margaret, administrative assistant, recently knitted three sets of matching hats and scarves, as well as several dozen other scarves to give away to guests during meal service.

But, this isn’t the first time that Margaret has shared her love of knitting with Emmaus guests. For the past three years she has been making scarves to give away at the annual soup kitchen Christmas dinner. “I could knit all year long, and there would always be someone who comes to our door in need of these items,” said Margaret, “and with limited spaces for people to gather indoors this winter due to the pandemic, we want to do what we can to help our guests stay warm throughout the cold months.”

Margaret not only enjoys knitting, but she uses her hands as an avid woodworker and gardener as well. She has made a post for Emmaus Grove volunteers to hang their bags when they come to the garden, as well as a wooden stand that holds the coffee urn at the soup kitchen. When the Benedictine Sisters re-modeled their greenhouse, she made a potting bench and raised bench for planting to use in the space.

Photos: (Right) Margaret and staff member, Sister Rosanne Lindal-Hynes display Margaret’s knitted items.
(Below) The raised planting bed that Margaret made for the Benedictine Sisters

Raised planting bed
Raised planting bed