Emmaus Supports the Neighborhood Art House’s Annual Fundraiser
Ice-dyed aprons

Just like so many restaurants, the Inner-City Neighborhood Art House is offering a taste to-go, and Emmaus Ministries is one of its patrons. Due to Covid-19, the Art House moved its annual fundraiser online and Emmaus purchased one of the “appetizer” offerings—vibrant ice-dyed aprons for staff and volunteers to use while serving a daily meal to Erie’s hungry.

Showcasing artwork created by its students, pieces are available for sale on the fundraiser’s website here. Items such as the aprons are considered small-art, or “appetizers,” but pieces range from student-created art called “entrees,” and also include “desserts,” art created by the Art House faculty. The pieces created by faculty are part of a silent auction. The fundraiser runs through Tuesday, September 29 at 10PM.

A ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, the Inner-City Neighborhood Art House offers a variety of art classes to local students ranging in age from 7 to 14. The classes come at no cost to the students and offer exposure to multiple art media such as pottery, painting, print-making, photography and sewing, but also include music, dance, and environmental action. The ministry is celebrating its 25th year of bringing the arts to children.

Sister Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB, an Emmaus Ministries board member, founded the Neighborhood Art House firm in her belief that “the need for art and beauty in the inner city is as real as the need for bread.”

Photo: Volunteers (L-R) Rhonda Lewis, Kathie Whipple, and Pam Baumgart don ice-dyed aprons