Meet Brian Martin
Brian Martin at the Emmaus Food Pantry

Brian Martin has been volunteering at the Emmaus Food Pantry for thirty years. “It’s hard to believe,” he said, “that I’ve been here so long!”

To Brian, the Emmaus Food Pantry is an example of the story of Jesus feeding the masses in the Bible. Over his thirty years with Emmaus, he has seen the ministries grow to meet the needs of the poor and hungry with resources continually flowing in even when it seems they might not have enough.

“It’s important to me to keep feeding the people,” Brian said. “I had epilepsy and had two brain surgeries so I can’t have a fulltime job, but I come here to the pantry and work.”

“And Brian is extremely faithful to us,” said Sister Lucia Surmik, the coordinator of the Food Pantry. “He will do anything for the pantry!”

Brian started working at the pantry unloading the food deliveries from the truck and carrying paper grocery bags for guests to use. Now, he comes every Monday and Tuesday to fold cardboard boxes and help carry the recycling outside.

However, Brian is deeply committed to one other task: volunteering at Camp Li-Lo-Li in Randolf, NY. He has attended this camp since he was nine years old and now serves as a volunteer in their kitchen during the summer months. “The only time I’m not at the pantry on Mondays and Tuesdays,” he said, “are the weeks I’m at camp.”